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 I see new posters come on here and ask what seems like a simple question, and get back either a smart-[censored] answer or a standard, "you're not qualified, go hire a professional," type of response. This generally leaves the poster a bit non-plussed as to why there are over a million posts on this site, but they can't seem to get a simple answer to a (seemingly) simple question. Hopefully, I can explain.

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Kevin_Surratt replied
2 Years

If you come and ask how to frame a hip roof, you will not get much help. Here is why. It's too general. There have been dozens of very excellent books written on the subject. If you are serious about learning the trade, there are standard text-books for every aspect of the building trades that are used by Apprentice Training Organizations. They are not cheap, but that is the best way to expand your technical knowledge of a subject. Besides, the answer would never fit in one post, anyway. We would have to write a book. If you were to ask about different framers methods of bracing a gable-end truss, for example, you would get a lively discussion. See the difference? One shows a complete lack of basic building skills, and one is a subject that professionals would sit around and discuss.

Darco replied
2 Years

First of all, this is not a DIY site. There is, of course, nothing wrong with those types of sites, but this is not one of them. Most of the posters here are professionals, who have a basic knowledge of the construction trade. What is discussed is not so much the basic how-to of a building, but the details, if that makes any sense. Most of the posts that get hammered usually fall into one of three basic categories.

1-A broad sweeping 'how do I do this' type of question.

2-A structural question.

 3-A question that should be answered using the codebook 

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