Fixing Water Damaged Creaking Cracking Flooring

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The condo unit above mine had at one time flooding from the unit above his years ago. The flooring (plywood, joists) obviously swelled up and didn't dry properly or it might have happened regardless. This isn't just squeeks but rather a loud cracking sound like that of plywood being bent and broken in half until it cracks loudly. Enough to make you jump. Are there specialists in this field who remedy that? I've heard of everything from drilling a bunch of screws right thru the existing carpeting to having to remove the carpet and replace the plywood flooring. Has anyone had to work on such a problem? I'm not talking minor squeeking here. I've even heard of extreme cases where the problem can only be solved by having to attack the problem from my ceiling to get at the flooring, which sounds pretty damn costly. Someone also mentioned where they remove the carpeting and apply a coating of elastomeric over the entire floor after applying as many screws as they can beforehand.

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