Compact Tractor Have Any Practical Use For Residential Work

I made this same thread years ago, and after that ended up renting the majority of equipment as needed, and it's worked really well since it's no upkeep on my end. Really can't complain since they drop what I need when I need it, although it is annoying if I need an extra day or even a few extra hours before they pick it up.

I love skidsteers, I rent them all the time in all different sizes. I've firmly decided that when I buy my own it will be new, or practically new, and a tracked machine in the mid-size category (expensive)

For the time being however, I need to upgrade the tractor I use at home. I'm using a small older Kubota for taking care of the place, doing garden work, and plowing snow.

So my wheels got turning and I figured I could upgrade it to something that is large enough to be useful on smaller jobsites to possibly avoid rentals and hopefully be able to sock that money away towards a CTL.

Most of my work is stuff like floor, patio and sidewalk prep, and moving around bundles of forms. Typically when I have palletized material delivered I have them drop it right where it's needed, so that won't be much of a concern.

I'm I out of line thinking that something in the 25-30 HP range, hydrostatic, with a well built loader would be useful for us for things like prep and aggregate moving, at least for a little while.

I work solo a lot, and the one thing that it would really help with is being able to lift a load, or tool, or whatever, and safely go around to the front of the machine without having to be around the arms or bucket. I have had to come up with ways to avoid that in skidsteers on multiple occasions, when it would have been simple to just walk around instead.

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