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Hi All,

Just at a bit of a stand still with a proposal.

The job is replacing old rotted railings on the second floor balcony of a over hundred year old house with new composite railings, balusters and newel posts. 

Everything, other than the hardware, will be prefabbed by the producer of the composite materials. I am only responsible for what happens after that. I will be screwing the pre-assembled railings, balusters and newel posts to each other and to the beams (beams are pre-existing, no need to install) which go all the way through the ground from the balcony.

This is an insurance job. The cost of materials will be $10,809.40 and pre-assembly will be $2,189.60. This sums out to $12,999.00.

Now, I understand general estimating typically states Labor = Materials x 2 or 3. However, my part in this seems too miniscule to charge 2 or 3 times the amount of materials for the labor cost.

What is the proper way of estimating in this situation? Should I not be skeptical about Materials x 2 or 3?

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