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I am in need of rebuilding my "own" covered porch. I am located in California and my local city adopts the "current" IRC. Currently, the roof is 24 o/c 2x6 with a 12' span and rest atop 4x4 w/4x4 posts every 6' feet.

I am wanting to decrease the number of posts so my plan was to install (2) 2x6's glued together and rest them on 4x6 post's notched to hold the 2x6's and then use 4 head lok's per post to secure them to post instead of using an ugly post/beam bracket. I don't see any codes against this, what are all your thoughts? 

Also since the live load of the porch roof is limited am I able to gain some head height and have the rafter die into the beam on joist hangers?

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