Siding "shouse"

We're building a shop with a house on top, like a carriage house. 28x48, and 24` to the eave.

We're going with metal for the roof and siding. I'm trying to get ideas on siding, how to break it up. I've done wainscoat on some buildings like this, the tallest was 18` with a 3` wainscoat, it was level with the window sills.

If I have a bunch of 4x4 windows with the top at 6`8" to match the walk doors, and have wainscoat I don't think that 3` would be tall enough and I think it looks dorky if it runs halfway up the windows.

I've thought about a belly band. I also plan to have multiple colors. Roof color, siding color, wainscoat color, and possibly match all j metal trim and corner metal to the roof color.

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